Thursday, December 8, 2011

ADOPTED!! Jerry is crazy cool!

Jerry is living with us now because he just needed some "extra time" to relax. He is a love bug and a wiggle worm and he wants attention but on his terms! So "uncat" like, don't you agree?!?! He just loves to play with our 5 cats and he will play with our little dog Abby if he can't find any other distraction. Jerry loves our cat condo and plays on it a good part of the day when he isn't chasing toys or using the scratching post. His eyes are just stunning and he is very sleek looking. An Egyptian grey and white cat! We are enjoying having Jerry visit with us but I'm sure he would love a permanent place to call home. As we get to know Jerry a little better I'll add more information and photos. We tried to take some pictures the other night and he was in full blown play mode so that didn't happen!

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