Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Meet Logan!

Hi, I'm Logan, a most handsome fellow and I'm available for adoption to a safe and loving home.  I am about 5 years old, mostly white, with some gray tabby markings on my head, back, and tail.  In fact, I have a very cute white triangle, which you're sure to like, in the middle of the tabby area on the top of my head.  My foster mom tells me I'm the best lap cat she's ever seen! And, the most loving cat, too. Right now I'm living in a lovely home with 2 big dogs, and we get along OK, as long as we don't annoy each other.  My very favorite things are being petted and held, but I do love to play, too.  And, sleep in a nice soft bed - or chair - or couch - or on a comforting lap. I enjoy sitting and watching the squirrels and birds outside, too! Meow!  Come visit with me and if you decide you can't live without me, I'll be glad to cuddle with you, too. Thanks!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cute, Cuddly Kittens - Meet Josie & Jenny!

This cute little pair have finally gotten big enough to adopt! 
Little Jenny


Little Josie


Jenny & Foster Mom, Kathy



Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Jeremy is a beautiful big boy about 2 years old with the cutest grey spot on his nose and lovely grey and white coat. He’ll always greet you with lots of affection whenever you come home and he especially loves belly rubs. He even enjoys being brushed! He’s such a sweet and gentle guy and friendly with strangers too. He’s got a curious side and likes to explore his surroundings and loves to play with dangly things.  

If you’d like to visit with this wonderful guy, call (919) 560-0640 x.8 or email

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Greta is waiting for you!

Don't you want to take this beautiful girl home with you???
She loves to cuddle and will go out of her way to get close to you and if she can't, she'll tell you all about it. :-)

She has striking markings, green eyes and a cute little pink and black nose.

Take a look at these wonderful pictures of her and call (919) 560-0640 x.8 for more information about adopting her!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Come Chat With Gabby Greta!

This little girl is full of love and will tell you all about it. She has been a perfect addition to my home. She is polite and playful with my cat, Jojo; respects furniture she shouldn’t scratch on; and absolutely loves to cuddle!

I love coming home to her cute little chirps and she immediately starts rubbing her head wherever she can reach to show me how happy she is to have a person home. After playing chase and tussle with Jojo, she’s ready to settle down. She will curl up with or near you wherever you are and she loves to sleep on a pillow beside you at night.

Don’t forget what a great conversationalist she is! As long as you’re willing to talk with her, she’ll keep chatting with you – that is unless you’re scratching her behind her ears and she gets too sleepy.

If you’d like to chat with Gabby Greta, call (919) 560-0640 x.8 or email

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ADOPTED! Shirley Steps Out

I've been in a cage since October! I know what you're thinking. "Shirley, you must be joking." Well it's true, and no one can seem to understand why. I'm a very sweet kitten. I just want to snuggle all day. Or chase a ball. I'm a really good chaser! 

When I came to the shelter, I had three siblings with me. I remember that we were all really scared. The shelter was warm and had food, but there weren't very many people to play with and I didn't get to run around like I wanted. One by one, my brothers and sisters went away. The Lady says that they all got adopted and have gone to their new "homes". I'm not sure what a home is yet, but the Lady says that someday a person will come along and give me a home of my very own.

Until I get a home, I'm staying with the Lady and my foster friend Chelsea. Chelsea is bigger than me, but we're still good friends. In fact, I like pretty much any cat that I meet. I really like people too. They have these things called "laps"! Laps are the most wonderful thing in the world. They are the best spot for sleeping.

It's not so bad staying with the Lady, but I want one of those "home" things. Chelsea says having a home means having people around all the time who take good care of you and pet you and play with you. That doesn't sound too bad to me! Will you be the person who gives me a home?

Friday, December 16, 2011

ADOPTED!! Angelo has fun meeting friends @ The Regulator Bookshop!

Angelo had a great time meeting and greeting at The Regulator Bookshop last Sunday. He was mostly content to relax in my lap (or whoever was willing to hold him), BUT every time he heard to cash register ring, he wanted to investigate! He's such a sweet cat and fun too!